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Darshana Ubl
Darshana Ubl - Featured in the media ...

Darshana Ubl is an entrepreneur, a keynote speaker and advisor to privately held small and medium sized business owners. Based in London, she has extensive experience conducting business internationally.

With a Masters in Economics and experience growing small businesses she has become a regular contributor and spokesperson for SMEs on BBC News and other national television and radio channels (ITV, Sky News, BBC Radio, LBC and Zee TV) and publications (Elite Business Magazine, Real Business, Entrepreneur Country, Femina and Asian Wealth to name a few).

Darshana supports various women lead initiatives and charities such as the Princes Trust, Cherie Blair Foundation and WEIF. In 2014, she led her team to win a Guinness World Records title® for the most number of people attending a business speed networking event.

She is currently authoring a book – TripleWin® on collaboration which is set to be released in 2017.

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There are three main opportunities to connect with Darshana:

  • Be a part of the Verve Rally in 2017.
  • Book Darshana Ubl as a speaker for an upcoming event / conference.
  • Find out more about the SME Advisory Service

1) Verve Rally

When Darshana is not working on helping SME’s she is involved in community projects, exploring the world and indulging into all things lifestyle and adventure. To combine her interests of creating a community of like-minded people, helping businesses, travel and giving back by supporting charities, she and her business partner created the Verve Rally. The rally attracts entrepreneurs, leaders, professionals, investors and an all-round cool group of people who enjoy holidaying in style surrounded by beautiful scenery and adventure.

For enquires, please connect with hello@ververally.com or visit ververally.com

2) Speaking Engagements

A sought after keynote speaker for conferences, events and charitable evenings, Darshana Ubl is known to speak from her heart and relate through experience. In recent years she has spoken at more than 70 events and conferences including the likes of Tedx, Elite Business Show, IntroBiz Show, Entrepreneur Brand Accelerators, WorldPay Events, Blue Cow Summit, Migrant Woman Talks, AEPAS and DBS Bank Business Class to name a few.

She speaks on a range of topics, some such as:

  • Empowering you with a winning mindset
  • How to increase the value of your business
  • TripleWin for business (The Art of Collaboration and Partnerships)
  • Business strategy

For enquiries please connect with pa@darshanaubl.com and request for her speaker pack.

3) Advisory and M&A

Darshana works with select owner lead businesses to help them significantly impact the value of the business whether it is the choice of business model, raising additional capital or undertaking strategic acquisitions. A typical client is one that has seven figure revenues with profits or high growth in sectors such as Fintech, Training and Property. They are looking to secure growth funds or secure an exit. She works hand in hand with her partners at Bean - an advisory firm based in London Victoria.

Every year Darshana mentors a select few early stage businesses to help them with strategies to increase profitability and attraction through her mentoring programme.

For more information email pa@darshanaubl.com and take a look at beanpartners.com for the list of services.

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Keynotes / Media Appearances

Recently delivered presentations...

BBC Breakfast: Budget 2016 with Darshana Ubl and Steph McGovern

BBC Breakfast: Budget 2016

As UK's fiscal economy gets back into shape, Steph McGovern from BBC Breakfast interviews three women leaders about how their sectors have been affected by the UK 2016 Budget.

ITV - General Election with George Osborne & Darshana Ubl

ITV - General Election

Asking George Osborne (Chancellor of the Exchequer a few questions about the upcoming General Election. Featuring Ronke Phillips, Sabeela Yamin, Darshana Ubl and John Watts.

BBC News - 2015 Autumn Statement - Small Business Review

BBC News: 2015 Autumn Statement

SME Advisor Darshana Ubl shares her thoughts on George Osborne’s 2015 Autumn Statement (and Spending Review) as it relates to Small Business with Clive from BBC News.

TEDx - Triple Win Effect

TEDx - Triple Win™ Effect

Darshana shares a method she has developed called Triple Win, which she uses to structure effective deals in a short amount of time.

BBC News: 2015 Budget - Darshana Ubl representing British SME's

BBC News: 2015 Budget

With the UK General elections in a month's time, this UK Budget is a significant one. What do small and medium businesses want from the government? Joanna Gosling asks the ambassador of Small Business Darshana Ubl this question.

The Power of Pitching

The Power of Pitching

Darshana shares how she met Cherie Blair CBE at the International Women's Day event and shares her vision of helping more women in business.

Women in Business

Darshana Ubl shares her passion for supporting Women in Business and the five fundamental growth pillars for a successful business.

ZeeTV Interview

Zee TV invites Darshana Ubl to share her views on life, business and being a woman who leads through example. Catch Anjali Kusre asking questions that matter.

The Trials & Tribulations

More than 500 business owners participated at the Guinness World Records title for the Most people attending a business speed-networking event.

BBC News: 2014 Autumn Statement

Darshana shares her expert opinion on the effects of the Chancellor George Osbourne’s Autumn Statement with BBC News presenter Clive Myrie.

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Featured in the media

Elite Business

A Watercooler moment...

21st March

Entrevo works with small and medium sized businesses that are turning over between £70,000 and £7m.

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Asian Wealth - Pitching for Success

A Perfect Pitch for Success

24th February

Asian Wealth Magazine interviews Darshana Ubl as she discusses her passion to help small businesses and being a young woman doing business globally.

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Real Business - Breaking Traditions

Real Business - Breaking Traditions

15th May

Darshana Ubl, entrepreneur and UK country director of Entrevo, talked to us about breaking the Indian glass ceiling.

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Women in the City - Inspirational Women Article

Women in the City - Inspirational Women

16th May

Darshana noticed that although the big international companies got their ROI and branding from TV and Radio, the smaller players struggled ...

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Elite Business

Has the Daily Deal been and gone?

6th July

Darshana Shah and Marcus Ubl founded the daily deal site - LyncMeUp.com - in 2011 to bring quality products and services to consumers at affordable prices...

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Migrant Woman

A Migrant Woman of Key Influence

4th September

Darshana is a successful migrant woman who sold the business she built in London two years ago, and as a 'Key Person of Influence' at Entrevo..

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Femina Magazine - May 2015

Femina Magazine

19th May

Dynamic and vivacious, Darshana defies the logic of age having anything to do with success ...

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SakalTimes - Jan 2015

Sakal Times

15th Jan

There comes a time in your life when you have to take a calculated risk and go ahead and trust your instinct ...

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